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Folsom-Cordova Buses
These picture were sent to me by Todd who used to work for
Folsom-Cordova Unified School District but now works for
 El Dorado Union High School District.

Here's a CROWN and a Gillig from School Way. The Crown is a 1974. It was CROWN's demo bus for that year. It now belongs to Folsom Cordova Unified School District and is on a daily route. It has a 250 Cummins diesel w/ a 10 spd. tranny. The Gillig is a 1977 (manuf. before April 1st '77 when high backs were required) It has a 290 Cummins w/ a RTO overdrive 10 spd, high powered rear end. That puppy can fly. Look closely and you will notice that the bus has a right side emergency exit. That was Gilligs demo bus for '77. School Ways bought it, then eventually sold it to Folsom Cordova.